Web and mobile applications

Auxiliary application for agents in the broad marketing field

Through it you can order goods from different suppliers.

You can see the order history from different suppliers.

The application is conveniently designed and allows great flexibility to the users.

App for detection of unauthorized entry to pools

An application designed to communicate with a Bluetooth component located in the home pool, and to warn of any unauthorized entry into the pool and even to remove the cover of the pool. The system is designed to prevent cases of falling and drowning in private pools.

A social and economic content App

A social and economic content App that displays content that is updated frequently. The app was developed for Android and iOS devices and has a young and innovative design.

I-Sticker Mobile App

I-Sticker Mobile App is a graphic user interface which connects to your I-Sticker device via Bluetooth and facilitates the transmission of your driving data to the cloud for multi-platform access.


Quickly send a WhatsApp message to whoever you’re talking to, even if they’re not in your contact list!
Just click the icon, and start messaging on WhatsApp!

GTAG930 app

GTAG930 Application for TAGs collecting data:

GPS location, BT interface with tags reader, reading active and passive tags, taking photos and sending data to a cloud database.

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