Military & Security

Designing a laser system for a security company

Development of a tester for a security company, which allows a feasibility study to be performed to a system in the lasers domain, and confirms that the system is working properly.
The system is portable and can be used both in daylight and at night.

Cable documentation and planning

Execution of wiring and technical drawings for military systems, including production of cabling for military and industrial systems.

Developing a product with option to integrating a mobile phone as an alert system with independent working ability in the field, including a software image and sound recognition  algorithm.

Hardware to mechanics design, from concept to serial production including analysis during design.

Product design for real-time tracking (GPS+WIFI+BLE+GPRS\LTE)

Development of a product that allowing positioning using GPS (and other GNSS systems) or smart tags, sending the data to a server and displaying the data on a map in real time.

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